The renaissance of a Zurich hotel

The Urban Retreat in the heart of Europe

Experience what Zürich, the city in the heart of Europe, is about: an urban vibe to the rhythm of nature. Atlantis by Giardino strikes the perfect balance between these two worlds. As an urban retreat, it seamlessly unites the luxury of a five-star superior city hotel with the natural surroundings of its green and peaceful location at the foot of the Üetliberg mountain. The freshly renovated Atlantis by Giardino whisks you back to its glamorous age as a stage for international guests and a meeting place for Zurich locals. Also approved by:

Number 1
 on Trip Advisor
9,5/10 and «exceptional» on
2 Michelin stars and

17 Gault Millau points for Ecco restaurant

The feel-good factor

Offers and packages

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference – those finishing touches that set the mood, elicit a smile and bring joy to everyone around. And since making people happy is an essential component of Mediterranean hospitality, Atlantis by Giardino always has a few little surprises in store for its guests. Even before arrival. Here’s a summary of our top feel-good tips.

Keep calm

Weekly yoga sessions and retreats

The Atlantis by Giardino is an alpine retreat for body and mind. The mind is especially required in one’s everyday life and needs to be relieved to keep its calmness. The weekly yoga sessions or frequent retreats help to relax, let go and save time to be completely with itself. For more peace and well-being – even if you are not staying at the urban retreat. Namaste!

Glamorous and nonchalant

Events for Zurich locals and guests

Steve McQueen and boxing legend Muhammad Ali were guests. Freddie Mercury gave a private performance on the bar’s grand piano. The Atlantis hotel once radiated an atmosphere of splendour – yet it still remained fairly casual. Now, other things sparkle cheerfully at Atlantis by Giardino – see all events here or download the flyer there: Atlantis by Giardino – Summer Events.

Ayurveda by Giardino

Get back to your own rhythm

When everyday life leaves its traces and your personal rhythm is a little bit out, Ayurveda, the world’s oldest form of medicine, can help to harmonise your body and mind again.

Today, Ayurveda is more relevant than ever. This holistic art of healing offers sustained support that extends much further than just treatment. It is particularly effective for stress-induced symptoms such as exhaustion, excess weight and digestive disorders.

The second issue of the Ayurveda by Giardino magazine is full of interesting insights into both the theory and the practice. Find out why Ayurveda has nothing to do with Indian food, why actress Iris Berben loves Ayurveda, and how to rekindle your fire of life. Try it for yourself.

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Giardino magazine

The Summer Issue 2018

A picture is often worth more than a thousand words – but pictures don’t tell us the stories behind them or where the inspiration came from, and, above all, they don’t give anyone a chance to have their say. In the Giardino magazine, we give both pictures and words free rein to reveal the charm and character of what lies in store. This summer’s highlights:

I love Switzerland – Let Giardino show you what makes travelling worthwhile
Back to rhythm – True relaxation with Ayurveda
Cool pool – More than just a rectangular body of water
Behind the stars – What Ecco’s Rolf Fliegauf serves at home
And … action! – What’s so special about the Locarno Film Festival

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“Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated.”

Oscar Wilde

Giardino Group

Luxurious nonchalance

“Giardino” is Italian and means garden. Intense, diversified and full of natural perfection. A place of regeneration and so full of individuality, that every detail deserves its own moment. The Giardino Retreats and Resorts are just like this garden and offer a surprisingly fresh interpretation of luxury hotels and creative cuisine. They all combine casual ambiance, superior service and charismatic design to a places of Mediterranean joie de vivre – whether in sunny Ticino, alpine altitudes or urban areas. Giardino unites the most attractive facets of Switzerland with a good dosage of sunny hospitality.