Glamorous and nonchalant

Events for Zurich locals and guests

Steve McQueen and boxing legend Muhammad Ali were guests. Freddie Mercury gave a private performance on the bar’s grand piano. The Atlantis hotel once radiated an atmosphere of splendour – yet it still remained fairly casual. Now, other things sparkle cheerfully at Atlantis by Giardino – see all events here:

Sophisticated regional cuisine

No-limits dining

The restaurants at Atlantis by Giardino are innovative and sometimes progressive. The culinary delights are developed on an ongoing basis but never lose their ties to the region. The hotel is home to two different restaurants, and each is unique.

Hide & Seek is modern, contemporary and inspired by the principles of Ayurveda. The Ecco Zurich has a reputation for unique culinary virtuosity blended with a purist approach to taste – awarded with two Michelin stars to prove it. What more could you ask for?

About finding and seeking – Casual Dining

Hide & Seek

Look no further – Modern, international and surprisingly out of the ordinary. Hide & Seek draws its Inspiration both from contemporary sources and from Ayurveda. Each dish incorporates salty, sweet, bitter, sour, spicy and tart components in harmonious unison, tantalising your taste buds and nourishing your body. Local herbs and invigorating spices ensure that your meal is easily digested, while the different flavours and textures offer a rich sensual experience. Enjoy food that simply does you good – without having to look too hard.

Award-winning aroma cuisine – Fine Dining

Ecco Zürich

The Ecco restaurants in Ascona and St. Moritz have a reputation for unique culinary virtuosity blended with a purist approach to taste – and both have two Michelin stars to prove it. With his food concept, Ecco founder Rolf Fliegauf artfully combines the natural flavours of seasonal ingredients to create the unmistakable Ecco cuisine: distinctive, intense, unexpected. In Zurich, Rolf Fliegauf has passed on the baton to his trusted associate Stefan Heilemann. Also awarded with 2 Michelin stars as well. Ecco!


“Stefan Heilemann wows with precise and daring creations.”

Tagesanzeiger, Zurich, Switzerland