dipiù Spa in Zurich

“A little more” of relaxation

“di più” comes from Italian and can be roughly translated as “a little more”. More innovation, more professionalism and more Mediterranean dolce vita. This means that in the dipiù SPAs, you can look forward to more than simple relaxation. Sink into a world of equilibrium, beauty and vitality with the lifestyle therapies, sauna oases, gym facilities and variety of rest and relaxation areas on offer at the new dipiù SPA in Zurich – all wrapped up with professional consulting and premium treatment products tailored to the skin type and physique of each individual guest.

The dipiù Spa Zurich will be closed for inspection from 7 to 20 August 2017. A limited treatment offer can be booked though. Outdoor pool, fitness and yoga room as well as the hair salon remain open.

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What a difference a day makes

dipiù Day Spa

Sometimes you don’t need a lot, but rather just enough of the right thing: for total relaxation when you’re short on time, a day pass for the dipiù Spa is perfect. The dipiù Spa is also open to day guests not staying at Atlantis by Giardino. Enjoy the pool and sauna area with its steam bath and Jacuzzi and choose from one of the many treatments on the spa menu for maximum relaxation. During the summer, why not try out the unique outdoor pool (25 metres) with its backdrop of gently rustling leaves?

Day Spa
CHF 200 per person (incl. 60 min. treatment)

For reservations, please e-mail hc.on1498602206idrai1498602206gybsi1498602206tnalt1498602206a@aps1498602206 or call +41 44 456 55 90.

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Yoga sessions and retreats

Keep calm

The Atlantis by Giardino is an urban retreat for body and mind. The mind is especially required in one’s everyday life and needs to be relieved to keep its calmness. The weekly yoga sessions or frequent retreats help to relax, let go and save time to be completely with itself. For more peace and well-being – even if you are not staying at Atlantis. Namaste!

The ways of mindfulness

Ayurveda by Giardino

The Giardino retreats are the first five-star hotels in Switzerland to offer Ayurveda cures and therapies. Ayurveda is an ancient medical science, which also influenced Chinese medicine. The word Ayurveda means “science of life”. The root of Ayurvedic science lies within ourselves. It focuses on preserving one’s health and encourages one to view one’s life holistically.

“In an increasingly hectic world, we need places that give us back our strength, insight and mindfulness. Ayurveda is not a trend, it’s a life philosophy,” explains Daniela Frutiger. With their Ayurveda and yoga retreats and perfectly balanced cuisine to match, the Giardino hotels are exactly that kind of place.

Further information with regards to cures and packages at: +41 (0)800 333 313, hc.on1498602206idrai1498602206g@ade1498602206vruya1498602206 or in the new Ayurveda magazine:

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Zurich special

Whether you’re in Zurich, St. Moritz or Ascona, all of the dipiù Spas are characterised by their unique approach. This entails, on the one hand, the use of a wide range of natural products, and on the other, a strong focus on the guest, their needs, and their current state of mind. Each location also has its own special offers. The dipiù Spa in Zurich offers the following services:

Treatments, cuts and styling

Aveda Hair Salon

Hair care should not be an afterthought – it is a fundamental expression of one’s personality. The way you treat, cut, care for and style your hair emphasises the overall impression you make. The experts at the Aveda Hair Salon are happy to provide you with advice and support with the following services:

Hair treatments
Cut and styling services
Aveda hair colours with natural ingredients
Make-up and wedding styling
Barber service

Hair Salon Menu

“For sustainable relaxation, body and mind need to be in balance.”

Daniela Frutiger, Founder dipiù